Nitin Potdar

Lawyer & Founder

A Lawyer and IPR Law consultant, heads Symbol. Mr. Potdar has a combined experience of twenty nine years in informer running and anti-counterfeiting activity throughout world.

He founded a law firm, Since 1991 Mr.Potdar advices on worldwide registration and protection of Intellectual Property, Rights (IPR), Entertainment & Media agreements and Sports Contracts. We are known for our intellectual property and tech expertise, because of long experience of Intellectual Property registration, protection and for commercial contracts and litigations. He founded a law firm where one can find everything under one roof and which save costs as well as time.

Symbol is Law firm with a expert team of skilled investigators and Intellectual Property Right Consultants. With an in-depth working knowledge of the Indian market and the modus operandi of counterfeiters and others who infringe trademarks and copyright, Symbol has successfully assisting may companies to get rid of their counterfeiting problem..


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