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In the absence of a nuanced definition of e-commerce, and with the ongoing discussions, a lot of the services available over the world wide web is being rendered to be part of this sector. Of late much has been said about the regulation and streamlining of e-commerce. The convenience that has been made available to the customers, comes with a cost; a cost of compliance, and at the risk of the rights of the individuals. Owing to the mushrooming rules and regulations concerning the sector, ranging from payment mechanisms and security (data protection) requirements to intermediary compliance, there is a stronger need for pre-emptive corrections and compliance checks.

The cyberspace is witnessing wider participation, and cheaper accessibility to the internet has made it possible for the not-so-veryaware rural crowd to be active participants. All these developments are forcing the online spaces to rethink their roles and responsibilities towards the recipients of their services.

With the ever-changing role and form of e-commerce and cyberspace, it is always better to be proactive in learning and preserving the necessities of the business. At TMT Law Practice, we not just advise about what the level of compliance should be, we assist you in understanding how to implement the requisites.

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